Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Status Quo

We hear the words "status quo" all the time in different situations. But do we really think about what the status quo is or ignore it and fall into that "status quo" rythm. What is the status quo in life? In our work life it may be working our 40 hours a week, 9-5 at a job we dont really like, that doesnt fulfill the purpose we were given by God to fulfill, and we work for Friday every week and to get a vacation once a year to get away from our job. Oh yeah every Sunday night we dread Monday morning to boot. How about our financial life, the status qou is 7 out of ten of us live paycheck to pay check, the average household has 84000 in debt, 46% of U.S. families have a credit card balance, among people 55-64 years old, 50% still owed money on their homes in 2004, over 62% of Americans retire on annual incomes of below $10,000. I dont know about you but being like everyone else and fitting in doesnt look like alot of joy. So why do we do these things to ourselves? Its easy and doesnt take alot of hard work to get to the status quo and heck everyone else is doing it so will I. But we dont really plan for things to work out like this, all of the sudden we look up an we are in the middle of the mess. Then we wonder how we got there and can we get out, or we just give up and accept the status quo. So can we get out? Is it worth getting out, or just pass on the status quo to the next generation and hope they can do better. I think we can get out, no I know you can get out, and I think it is worth it and instead of passing on the status quo mentality, lets pass on to the next gereration hope and a better way. Hey here is an idea lets start establishing biblical principles in our lives and pass them to the future generation. Oh people say, those things are outdated and times have changed, your right they have changed to the status quo, no thank, you this old out dated stuff works. Everytime! So what are you going to do different, today, to get a different result down the road? Its hard but it is worth it! Heck I cant even remember all of the stuff I bought, that put me in debt, to make me "happy." Being in debt robs you of your future and the ability to build wealth. Go out there and happen to your life instead of it happening to you. Get a plan and follow it, or follow the status quo.

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